Friday 28 May 2010

Kurt Geiger, London

While my eyes didn't pop out of my head when seeing the new installation at Kurt Geiger both along Regent st. and South Molten street I did gasp a little at the scary scene. I must admit, for a company that has produced some superb schemes recently, I did find this one rather odd. Odd, in the sense that these mannequins are clearly 'sitters' and not meant to be placed in this position. With their necks straining, wigs on back to front and the awkward position that they lay in, only makes for amusement and I did find myself smiling - and I wont even mention the reflected view one gets. I find it quite difficult to believe that such a high profile company in such high profile places have allowed this happen? To me this looks like some of those dreadful stores at the wrong end of Oxford st. crammed to the rafters with cheap merchandise. Perhaps there is some irony that I am just not seeing (although I doubt it) While this is not an expensive scheme, if I were reading what I am writing I would be worried and get myself straight down to the stores to get this scheme out. I will swing by on the weekend and see if this company does care.

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