Thursday 27 May 2010

Cartier, London

Have you been down to have a look at Cartier this week? Well, after my last minute invitation to the opening of the new Louis Vuitton store, which , of course I had to decline (yeah right) I popped down to view Cartier at the end of Sloane St. to take a look at their new scheme. This brand do the most incredible stuff whenever I view them at Christmas time in New York, although to see them do such an amazing scheme here in 'tight as a fishes you know what' in London is wonderfully refreshing. These guys have used real flowers for their scheme.......and on the outside too. This is wonderfully refreshing to view here in London, as on the whole one would expect the general public to come along and steal this stuff. And of course they do try. Well we are the thieving west afterall. In fact as I was recording this for you, there were a few people doing just that. What scum we are and I do feel ashamed to be British sometimes. Creative teams are already fighting to get these kind of schemes in place - and this is tough enough. Come on UK..........stealing a few flowers from an amazing scheme is quite honestly, well garbage and we should be ashamed for trying to undermine such forward thinking creativity.

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