Saturday 29 May 2010

G-Star Raw London

G-star Raw's latest scheme here along Carnaby St. in London is probably one of their most interesting ones that they have produced to date. Gone is the celebrity endorsement (thankfully - did we ever fall for that one anyway?) and here we have a scheme which is both thoughtful and creative. Proof in a way (although I am lamenting a little here as I write this) that we don't always need mannequins to promote fashion. How wonderfully creative is this? I don't have a particular 'penchant' for graphics in store windows particularly, as we have seen just about every possible combination one could possibly imagine in just about every store windows all the way through the 90's to date, however this is a new development which is actually very exciting. Industrial cutting tools wrapped in G-star signature denim is placed next to an image of their 'cut' denim. These do have enormous impact and an Uber cool feel about them. I'm not particularly gripped by their product myself although on seeing this I couldn't resist but take a look - it did its job.

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