Saturday 1 May 2010

Fendi, Dubai Mall, Dubai

At the end of Fashion walk on the lower level of the Fashion Drum is this incredible Fendi Store. Situated opposite the Armani Cafe this stunning store really does make an amazing impression. I don't think I have ever seen any Fendi store as beautiful as this. The large wooden wavy structure hangs above the wide entrance to the store with a suspended steel ball structure attached to overhead horizontal plane. At the entrance there is another steel ball structure that wouldn't be out of place in the coolest Art gallery. Although I never buy anything from this brand - after all I'm hardly their target market - I do appreciate beautiful stores. Sadly, as with a lot of the Malls here in Dubai, there is more space than people and they are very often so devoid of people to create an exciting atmosphere. Still, it always feels that I have the place to myself and I quite like that. Anyway, if you happen to be in the Dubai Mall do go and have a look. This really is luxury at its best.

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