Friday, 30 April 2010

Galeries Lafayette, Dubai

It seems odd to see Galeiries Lafayette here in Dubai. I have never thought very highly of this Parisian brand anyway and this is odd. Now don't get me wrong. I do want to like the Paris version and goodness knows I have tried, but it just looks so tired and just doesn't seem to live up to my expectations of a wonderful department store. Anyway, forgetting the name for a moment, this version has actually been produced very well although not as amazing as Bloomingdales here in the Mall of Dubai. Anyway, the day I was here, there was a Fashion show being planned for later that day. I do like these concepts and it would have been great to stay to view it from the Mall - although I wasn't invited - and there are just too many other sights to view. The windows contain the repetition of the out sized human lip motif on which product has been placed. I'm not a fan of motifs, but this actually, in its simplicity works very well.

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