Wednesday 5 May 2010

Etisalat, Mall of Dubai, Dubai

I came across this incredible Etisalat store just by chance the other day. I felt compelled to record it and show it to you as it was such a pleasure to see what is essentially a communications store that looked so beautifully designed and contemporary. Of course there are numerous and incredible Apple stores dotted around the globe which I have seen many times, which always look so pristine and are probably a competitor, however this store really did draw me in (Apple stores don't tend to) I wasn't wholly familiar with this local brand who describe themselves as "enabling people to reach each other, businesses to find each new markets and everyone to fulfill their potential". OK, there is the usual marketing blag that goes with just about every brand, but this really is done well. I cant subscribe to this brand as I don't live in UAE although they say of themselves that they "are increasingly present in international markets". I guess we will need to watch this space.

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