Thursday 6 May 2010

Bugatti B>More, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Bugatti B>More is another brand that I had never heard of until I visited the Mall of the Emirates and WAFI Mall here in Dubai. I have had a quick search around the net to find out a little more about them as I do actually like the layout of thier retail spaces. Unfortunately, all I can find it the usual marketing malarky from the Malls themselves rather than information about the company itself in which I was rather quite interested. It transpires however that this brand is actually a multi-brand provider rather than a brand in itself. According to the Mall marketing, Bugatti B>More is a "multi-brand fashion boutique offering men and women's clothing" and apparently Bugatti B>More "symbolizes choice, preference, class, elegance and fashion". I felt that it was a shame that the company don't seem to have their own philosophy or statement about themselves for us to understand where they are coming from. The marketing statements about them sadly say so little about the brand itself. Whenever a marketing statement declares that a brand represents 'class' it does ring alarm bells, at least for me, to ensure I steer clear. However, the product presentation is actually very well done and I felt that the open front with merchandise simply placed was so incredible to my western eyes. This would last two seconds in a British Mall, the merchandise would be snatched and on ebay within the hour. This is, however Dubai and the penalty for doing such a thing is zero tolerance and not an attractive option. Maybe there are lessons to be learned here?

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