Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

I really do love the Hot Stuff promotion at Harvey Nichols here in the Mall of the Emirates. I first visited this Mall a few years ago, and of course tested out the incredible Ski Dubai too (I have written about in a previous entry) With the global issues aside, Ski Dubai is quite remarkable and of course helps keep this Mall one of the busiest in Dubai. This store a few years ago seemed to need to find itself as it felt visually a little disconnected from its London sister store, and of course my frame of reference - I appreciate it is a franchise. However, having seen the store recently, it really does have the wonderful cache that the 'original' store has. Windows containing charred furniture scenarios fill this space on all three floors - the merchandise is as wonderful as ever. I adore this store and, well, OK I can get most of this stuff at home, but to see it interpreted here is a wonderful pleasure too and clearly one of the major anchors to the Mall itself.

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