Monday 19 April 2010

Wrangler, London

Wrangler are a brand which I don't normally include in this blog, not because I don't like the brand, but because so many of these brands look so similar and produce the same kind of 'stuff' that when there is so little differentiation between them its hard to find something interesting that captures my attention apart from the campaigns. Anyway, the 'We are Animals' campaign is quite interesting in that it captures what Wrangler calls 'Primal Urges'. Men and Women captured in the heat of the moment and bathed in Red water, dust and light. I do like this campaign although I do feel that I have seen this kind of thing before (well hey, I lived through the 80's) and it does have that ID magazine 1986 feel to it for me. Still, it must be hard to be original when selling jeans and they clearly have spent a lot of money on it and the photographs are beautifully produced. I guess if you never read ID magazine in the 80's then it is cutting edge - maybe?

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