Tuesday 20 April 2010

Alexander McQueen, London

Images: Copyright and used with kind Permission of Proportion>London

If you happen to be along Bond St. this week, the creative team have installed this incredibly exciting installation here at Alexander McQueen. I was wowed when I received these images and I am drooling just looking at them. I loved the Lady Gaga video (Bad Romance) when she wears McQueen designed shoes that are also included in these windows below. The Mannequin used here clad with the wonderful Python snake pattern has been produced by my dear friends at Proportion>London under the creative direction of Tanya Reynolds. I am fascinated by these collaborations we are begininng to see more and more of this year and I can only wonder what either company will do next. Of course, Proportion>London produce all sorts of incredibly designed pieces, although as always the only limitation is our own imagination. If you don't know them.....click the link here http://www.proportionlondon.com/

Images: Copyright Proportion>London

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