Wednesday 21 April 2010

Nicole Farhi, London

One of the Brands here in London that I am excited about at the moment is Nicole Farhi. I have been tracking this brand for quite some time and as I mentioned in a previous entry the use of 'local' artists and designers in the development of schemes with creative teams is a refreshing and interesting sign perhaps of things to come this year. We have seen it here at Nicole Farhi and at Topshop recently. Anyway, the ever talented Jamie Shouli has just implemented the latest scheme for this brand. A series of strong, dynamic abstract / Architectural geometric planes create voluminous spaces in which the figures and product are semi-contained. The warm vibrant and in some places, sorbet tones give at least to me the feeling of looking over roof tops at sunset. Simple and elegant, this schemes works well with the fantastic product that this company produces.

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