Sunday 18 April 2010

Levis London

Having waited ages for this stores renovation to be complete, it finally opened recently. And how exciting too. Levi's have produced a store that any brand would be proud of and I cant wait to have a proper look around inside. The selling space doesn't even begin until several metres into the space. The shopper passes through a gallery 'like' space that would'nt look out of place as a New york loft apartment before walking through enormous doors to the retail space itself. This is an incredibly brave move by this company which seems to have created an experience with the sales angle deliberately played down. We have seen the likes of this strategy with companies such as Nike, and this does confirm the strength of this brand. I had felt that 'they' had lost their way a little recently, but clearly not. This is a massive leap forward and I for one will certainly be checking them out.

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