Wednesday 14 April 2010

Aquascutum, London

I don't think I have ever included this brand on the site before. This is possibly due to its location rather than because they don't do interesting schemes. While I walk around the city this store is just a little further to make the effort to see, however, the quality is always so perfect. Aquascutum, of course, traditionally known for its Waxy Barbour's, which we saw a lot of in the 1980's. I also once had an interview here, many years ago and didn't get the job. I was asked "if I actually owned a suit" as I sat there in my ill fitted charity shop suit jacket and faded Black trousers. Of course being so poor I had never even owned a suit but was hoping that the badly paid salary would at least afford me one. Anyway, the humiliating experience hasn't tainted my view of the Brand (even though it took me a few years to get over it). The creative team here have used the repetition of Bird forms and Butterflies as the backdrop to this scheme, together with a Bamboo structure outlining the Union Jack and Elephant silhouettes on Bamboo stilts. I am not sure I understand the scheme but it does work very well.

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