Thursday 15 April 2010

Anthropologie, London

As my regular readers will know this is one of my favourite brands visually. The teams for these stores do produced the most exciting schemes. As we have seen with Liberty, Desiguel and a few other brands, the notion of handmade is a current trend and this brand is certainly the leader in this field. I was particularly interested in their use of felt which I have'nt seen in a very long time. The use of shredded material of course, has been seen across several brands over the years, although felt is a new and additional resource to use in this context. Artists such as Patricia Spark, Sue Clay and Mary-Clare Buckle have been producing this stuff for years. However, I do hope that these kinds of 'lost' crafts do become popular again as they are actually hugely fascinating and I am thankful to Anthro. for leading the way here.

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