Saturday 27 March 2010

Zara, London

It is always so refreshing to see localisation of creativity within these multiple global brands and this store always do some wonderful stuff. I do feel that the team possibly have to work very hard to create what they do, in as much as they may not be as supported by the brand as much as they would wish and therefore, while bursting with creativity, they seem to have to pull together what they do, dragging the brand into a creative presentation. I'm not privy to the meetings at Zara Towers, so my comments are not informed, however imagine the flagship creative team were given a little more money and a little more support, what they could do? Of course the usual multiples global scheme can still be seen around the corner of this Oxford St. site, however this one did bring a smile to my face and I love references to Alice in Wonderland contained within it.

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