Friday 26 March 2010

Vivienne Westwood, London

One of my favourite stores in London, has to be the Vivienne Westwood store here along Conduit St. Not that I shop here that often you understand. The cost of these pieces would feed a family of five for a month and I just cant justify the expense to myself, although I do like to have a look at least - well thats free. This store rarely change their bust forms (which incidently are made by my dear friends at Proportion>London). However, it was a pleasure to see the team experiment a little using old logs, a dog basket, plastic funnel, bits of old rope and other 'found' ephemera on which to hang the merchandise. This is a refreshing change of direction happening here in these tiny spaces which works quite well. Perhaps because of the nature of the merchandise. After all, I cant see this happening at 'Primarni'. Whether you're a fan of Westwood or not, I am pleased that we do at least have some British designers left who are brave enough to cater for the niche market and for that I am rather thankful.

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