Thursday 25 March 2010

Diesel, London

I'm a huge fan of this brands ideas and schemes, although I must admit I am a little bemused by this one. Having followed them for quite some time I cant quite work this one out. During the day it is difficult to record due to the reflection on the glass and late at night it appears so sinister. This, perhaps is not the intention and I love Black as a shade of light (as we know, Black is not a colour), however, the Black sprayed legs protruding from the bases on which this scheme stand are a little unnerving to me. Perhaps, my perpetual fear of being buried alive is something which this scheme reminds me of? I don't know. Perhaps, its a little to Haiti-esque. As we know, references to death are rather taboo in window schemes (at least -and I tend to agree - according to my incredibly talented American colleague Sara K. Schneider from Chicago in her fantastic avant garde book Vital Mummies and with whom I have swapped many wonderful e-mail messages) however I cant help feeling that this was not the brands actual intention here, just my perception. For me, at least, it is not one of their best schemes (perhaps a gap filler?) but I do look forward to the next scheme which I am sure will be a winner.

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