Sunday 28 March 2010

Chanel, London

Be afraid, very afraid. I find myself in a situation where I would dearly love to be positive about this brand, but sadly yet again I cant think of a single thing to be positive about. While life is too precious to say what I am actually thinking, I know a lot of you, from the messages that you send to me are wildly concerned about this brand. However, try as I may to poke the visual team into some kind of reaction - nothing. This brand clearly has a limitless cash flow without facing any apparent consequences that they can't purchase their way out of. But, what is going on here? Come on followers, you know what I'm thinking here and trying to say. I certainly know what you think beyond here. Is this brand suicide? Tell me what you think? I cant clench my buttocks any more and my toes are curled at 180 degrees.

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