Thursday 18 February 2010

Ralph Lauren, London

OK, well here we go. Now, I did predict that this Brand would use their Rootstein Yasmin Le Bon mannequins at the end of last year and voila..! Now, I did promise the team that I wouldn't be mean about their presentation (and I certainly couldnt be) and quite honestly, the dressing and presentation is always immaculate and beautifully presented, which I always mention, because it is. Just to set the scene however, I did photograph these windows before I chatted to the team so in the forefront of my mind was, that, I was wondering if they will use this mannequin again after my previous comments which I know they read? Anyway, within the overall scheme they have used a variety of figures (headless males etc.) and the concept is, of course incredibly and so elegantly produced. The scheme itself says luxury liner to me and the use of these giant portholes really does focus our attention into the centre of the presentation. It is always a pleasure to see the schemes produced here and I always look forward to viewing them, so lets see what happens next?

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