Wednesday 17 February 2010

Chanel, London

I do find that I struggle with this brand's presentation. I wouldn't of course wish to be uncharitable but I just feel that their schemes just don't work at all. I know that this scheme is placed around the world and they clearly do very well, although that is probably the brand name and its association rather than the presentation of the product. There always seems to be something missing and I cant quite put my finger on what it is. Out sized props can look incredible and I certainly am a fan. They are also fun. However, perhaps this scheme would have worked better without the use of the Mannequins? I feel this is perhaps the problem here. If you look at the images here and imagine them without the figures it does work much better, put in a few strategically placed products and it almost becomes an abstract installation. The mannequins are just not dynamic enough and always look like they have had an argument and fallen out with each other. As this is such a significant brand, surely someone would have picked this up? Anyway, as always it remains to be seen if someone does, eventually. Perhaps in the mean time we can send out visual thoughts to the brand to buy a new collection of mannequins, get some suggested movement going on in here and bring it screaming into 2010?

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