Tuesday 16 February 2010

Liberty, London

While swinging past Liberty here in London tonight, I came across what are singularly the most incredibly fun windows I have seen in years. I don't say that lightly and tucked away in these tiny windows is just a glimpse of what this team can do, if they had more opportunity. (the large windows along their site on Regent had not been taken away a few years ago in favour of a more open front). I have always felt that it truly was a crime to take away this teams' main windows. Anyway, these are a huge statement based on London Fashion week, which of course is looming later this month and I just could not look at these windows without an enormous smile on my face. This truly is a wonderful two fingers up to the establishment (or whichever fingers you use depending on where you are in the world - but you know what I mean) It is bold, its fun, fun and more fun. This is what this industry is about and these windows will live on in the history of this industry - we will be talking about it for years. Thank you Maxine and your team for being daring, bringing the fun back and making London rocking again..!

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