Friday 19 February 2010

The London College of Fashion

Following on from their visit to the Science Museum recently the students of the Fashion Retail Branding and Visual Merchandising course at the London College of Fashion began to use their recorded images from their sketch books and work these in to three dimensional models in perspex. This is quite a difficult material to use initially although the group managed to produce these incredible pieces in just a few hours. These pieces were in turn sketched. The thinking behind this part of the project was to enable students to begin working and thinking beyond the two dimensional and enabling them to communicate their intentions in order to explain their thinking to someone else, such as a client, so that they in turn could understand their future concepts. Communicating ones intentions to a client is a crucial part of the Design process. As we know a client will never part with any money (and rightly so) unless they can see what they are going to get for it and therefore this is an essential skill to have in their portfolios.

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