Tuesday 9 February 2010

Mulberry, London

I am not really sure what I feel about this brands schemes. While they are undoubtedly impressive, they just don't seem to quite grab me. I like the use here of the fairground horses that can also be seen throughout the store, although, maybe they are just a little too new and shiny. A few knocks and scratches would, perhaps have suggested that they had actually been taken from an original dismantled merry-go-round rather than from a factory mold and sprayed in China. I feel that this would have suggested that they had had some kind of history or secret life, much like a Chesterfield sofa that I saw for sale recently that had been used in a Casino. The sense of history and romanticism surrounding the piece would have made it worth buying, if only for that. No doubt to send this concept around the world was not cheap and although what has been omitted is as equally important to what has been included, perhaps, in this case more 'stuff' should have been included to make this concept work. Anyway, I love the figures that they use with the articulated arms and legs and of course the merchandise is superb, but this scheme, for me at least is not the best I have seen from this brand.

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