Wednesday 10 February 2010

Moschino, London

Viewing the Moschino store windows from across the street this week I was intrigued and drawn across to find out how this had been produced. From a distance the figure used here and the props looked solid, but under closer inspection they are actually made from stiffened lace. OK, well, I'm not a very 'lacy' person, but I thought the technique is quite incredible and it did its job incredibly well, not just in drawing me in closer to take a look but entertaining me too. I have a real passion for Mannequins and the varieties that are available, although we do tend to see a lot of the same thing being reproduced in the same material over and over again. As you may know Mannequins or figures historically have been produced in Wax, Plaster, Wood and for the past 60 years in fibreglass. Therefore, seeing something which we see so often being produced in a different material is the real pleasure, I just wish more companies would experiment more with a variety of techniques in producing these figures more often.

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