Thursday, 11 February 2010

Proportion London Fluid Collection Launch 2010

I have been absolutely itching to view the fabulous new collection from Proportion London and I have managed to get a sneak preview to share with you well in advance of its launch in early March - how cool is that hey? The collection, introduced as Fluid is brought to life by the amazing sculptor Rob Paterson and presented in the most delicious sorbet and sherbet tones. I have been drooling over the tiny snippets that they have been teasing me with for the past few weeks on Proportion London's facebook site, which I highly recommend you join if you have a facebook account, (not only because they go to the coolest places, but also because they have an amazing following too, with everyone who is anyone in this industry linked into their site). Anyway, as my regular readers will know, I do have have a particular interest in Mannequins and figures per se, and this really is a must have collection for any commercial environment out there whether you are an independent, multiple, department store or global retailer. These really are incredibly beautiful pieces that will work perfectly when showcasing the latest Fashion. In addition to this, you will never worry again about maintenance, seasons changing, new wigs and make-up, as they will take care of that for you too all under the scrutiny of the incredibly cutting edge Creative Director Tanya Reynolds and her team - and they are the nicest people too. So, either make yourself an appointment to see the new collection (from early March) at their Clerkenwell studios here in London or visit them on-line at What more could we possibly want?
Images Courtesy of Proportion>London

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