Wednesday 3 February 2010

Esprit, London

Esprit have been producing some really great schemes lately here in London and I wanted to share this one with you. Following their 'Zentai' suit Sale window scheme recently this is the latest one to hit the high street. The concept is based on Route 68. Those of you not familiar with Route 68, the highway runs for 560 miles from Northwest Ohio to western Kentucky in the U.S.A. running through pre-civil war historical sites and the venue for the 400 mile annual yard sale held for 4 days each Summer. Here, merchandise has also been suspended, stiffened and given the illusion of flying in the wind almost like tumbleweed. I do quite like this scheme from a visual point of view although perhaps more could have been done to support the Route 68 concept? Route 68 has an incredible history and perhaps this concept applies too much of a surface approach rather than really getting under the skin of the area? This is rather a shame as so much has been excluded that we only realise it if we are interested in scratching just a little below the surface.

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