Tuesday 2 February 2010

Daks, London

Well, if there was a scheme to warm the winter cockles, here is one from Daks. While it is freezing cold here in London, Daks are presenting us with the warmth of the Sahara / desert-like scheme complete with sand, safari-like tones and drift wood. If we ever needed evidence of how cutting edge Fashion works, months (if not years) in advance here is it. It is hard to 'feel' this concept right now, but hopefully we will soon be there once February is out of the way (not that I like to wish away time). In the mean time could one of you Russian oligarchs populating the apparently nicest (but not necessarily coolest parts of town) please wrap a chain around this island and drag it closer to the equator so that we can at least enjoy the benefits of global warming, if only for a decade or so?

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