Thursday 4 February 2010

Hermes, London

While flaneuring the city this week, I noticed Hermes have installed their new Spring scheme, which consists of these 'cut out' pieces of Fashion with folding tabs. I don't know the history of this kind of thing, although I remember it being so incredibly popular in the 70's and it possibly dates back to the Victorian times, or at least has that kind of feel about it. What Hermes have done here however, is not just to use cartoon-like or printed imagery from which this stems, but real images of their merchandise as a cut out. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if we could wear Fashion like this? This low tech approach is quite refreshing to view and although I have seen this type of concept used before somewhere else, it was a genuine pleasure to see. In conjunction with these tab-on clothing they have also used mannequins wearing the actual merchandise. As an overall concept, it is a little disjointed if one views all of the windows simultaneously, although there is the germination of an incredible overall scheme and I just wished that they would do more with it.

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