Sunday 21 February 2010

Dover Street Market, London

While swinging by Dover St. Market this week, I came across this incredible installation. OK, well, yes, it is a horse (kind of) with images of clouds projected on it if we look at it literally, and so where is the value in that I hear you ask? I do feel that images which are projected work very well if the conditions are right - and they are of course very cheap. Sunny days are obviously not the right conditions and neither is day light. This installation works well as these were taken at night time, although the public traffic was zero (apart from me) - so whats the point? Do we need something here which can be appreciated in both day and night time? As regular followers will know, I'm not a huge fan of motifs (clouds, in this case being one of them) although I do appreciate this for its aesthetic value, even though the narrative is not very clear. Perhaps this needs to be seen during the day time too to begin to really understand what is being communicated? In addition, we can look at any number of fine art installations to find inspiration in the use of projected images whether these are static or moving and perhaps in this instance it would have benfitted from a moving projection as the conditions (at least at night time) are perfect and I do enjoy the way the projection casts a show of the animal across the whole store. Anyway, I will let you decide what you think.

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