Thursday 21 January 2010

Sale: Vivienne Westwood, London

I am hoping that this will be the final Sale window that I will need to include this season. This is a quite an uninspiring time of year, its cold and miserable and although I am excited about seeing the new seasons schemes soon, I wont be sorry to see the back of Sale time. If you happen to be along the Conduit st. here in London do drop by the Vivienne Westwood store. Westwood's stores are usually beautifully produced and ooze depth of quality (even if the product itself doesn't always). Anyway, here the team have used black vinyl on the fenestration with swathes of fabric forming the backdrop. The bust forms, I believe are by my lovely friends at Proportion-London which always look amazing. What is interesting here are the use of lenticulars - 3D moving images. Of course, one has to move around the image for it to change and a camera can only capture one at a time. Anyway, lets look forward to Spring.

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