Friday 22 January 2010

The London College of Fashion

This year has seen the beginning of something new and exciting for me with a new group of students from the Foundation degree in Fashion Retail Branding and Visual Merchandising at the London College of Fashion. The students have been briefed on a new project for the term which involves them developing their creative skills to produce a creative installation. I like to spend time with my students out of the class room and experiencing the treasures around London and using these places and spaces in order to explain a Design process. Here students visited the incredible Kew gardens in South West London. It was freezing cold and it had snowed but the Palm Houses were deliciously warm, enabling the students to study some of the plants in order to develop their drawing ability as a means of fundamental visual communication skills. These two dimensional drawings will be used to create three dimensional models in a variety of materials. I will post some of their development here on the blog in the next few weeks for you to view.

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