Tuesday 19 January 2010

Sale: Reiss, London

If you happen to be on Regent st. here in London this week, do go and have a look at the Reiss Windows. This scheme, although possibly lost during the daylight hours does come alive when night falls. Strings of 'beads' suspended to form these loops are the main concept for this Sale scheme. Reiss, of course do some great quality schemes, although simple and always work well. My only criticism, I suppose, is perhaps that they never really do enough to make a huge impact or statement, at least for me. Anyway, the the product is OK, if a little pricey for what seems an almost identikit Zara but twice the price. Still, I guess there is a market for this type of global retailer and they certainly seem to be doing very well. I am now itching to see the end of the Sale period and the launch of Spring schemes so in the mean time will be scouring the streets on my journey as a flaneur to find them for you.

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