Monday 18 January 2010

Sale: Mandarina Duck

I have often seen this store and looked at it with admiration although only once ventured inside. I suppose my need for quality luggage and bags is lacking and therefore never felt that I should return as I tend to find whenever I travel that my suitcases always rotate around the carousel at airports absolutely bashed, handles missing, and zips and wheels broken so I am reluctant to spend a huge amount of money on these things. Anyway, this store is well documented on the Internet although I have always had difficulty photographing it as either there is too much reflection on the glass or the lights are switched off at night time. Anyway, luckily this evening I managed to finally capture some images for you all. Here, the brand use these bright Yellow sprayed figures with a futuristic feel to them on which the product is placed. At the centre of the store is this giant figure punctuating through the second floor. It is a remarkable piece of sculpture and I must say it is great fun. If you happen to be on Conduit St. here in London, do go an have a look. The product of course is superb quality and the store, a real spectacle.

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