Sunday 17 January 2010

Sale: Pringle, London

Is it still Sale time? Well, sadly yes. London seems to be getting colder by the hour and the dreaded Sale period is still not over yet. Miles and miles or Red banners pollute the shopping journey this time of year which really is so uninspiring. However, I was very pleasantly surprised to happen upon Pringle, Bond St. here in London. Pringle are one of the few brands that do Sale incredibly well. (If you have a look back to their Summer Sale scheme on this blog you will see what I mean) What a wonderful pleasure to see this brand make so much effort during this period of the retail calender. Strings of beads and Black vinyl with product placed against a monochromatic background. This gives the illusion here of much greater space - the windows are actually very narrow, however the team here do handle product incredibly well and the scheme works brilliantly. Thank you Pringle for giving us this gem and spectacle during such an uneventful time of year.

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