Tuesday 12 January 2010

Sale: COS, London

I strangely never think to look at COS here on Regent st. I think probably as they seem to sink into the background a little without anything particularly visual, therefore I never seem to be drawn to them. However, these Sale structures that they have placed in the window caught my eye and I thought I should record them as we so rarely are shown the structure from which these things are built - of course this is deliberate. If you are not familiar with COS they are the mid-market sister brand of H&M and tend to produce a rather sophisticated collection of clothing aimed at a more discerning consumer. I have seen their store at Westfield (the newish large shopping mall in West London) and I was actually, I must say, rather impressed. Although, I never seem to plan a purchase around this brand personally, I can see the attraction. However, I do like my shopping journeys to be a little more visual and this brand, for me, is just a little too bland for my preference. Of course the stores are great, the product is great but the environment just doesn't sing to me. There just seems to be lacking any personality, not in a celebrity endorsement sense - God forbid - but just in who it is. Am I wrong?

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