Wednesday 13 January 2010

Sale: Fenwick, London

If there is one store I would love to get my hands on, it would definitely be this one. I cant quite work this brand out. We have the incredible Harvey Nichols. Selfridges, Harrods and Liberty here in London and I can almost guarantee that if you asked anyone to name the department stores in London those four would be the ones (maybe House of Fraser and John Lewis too). Yet Fenwick is a department store in the centre of the Universe along Bond St. and yet seems to be a very sleepy giant and surviving. Bizarre. I have only been inside here a handful of times, I suppose, like so many places it just doesn't occur to me to shop here. That's a shame as I do feel in its superbly prime position it could be the main draw in town, although maybe it just doesn't want to be? But I feel this is one of London's biggest missed opportunities, and the wonderful things that could be done here are limitless. Anyway, one thing I always enjoy are land-of-the-giants sized props wherever they are used. Here Fenwick have used out sized lettering spelling out Sale with their random collection of Rootstein figures.

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