Friday 8 January 2010

American Apparel, New York

This my last day here in the city that doesn't sleep - and it really doesn't. Anyway, I will soon be on my flight back to 'Blighty' and apparently snow and a freezing cold apartment. Having written blogs here for nearly a month it is time to reflect on my journey (much of it I will keep to myself you may be glad to hear?) While running to the airport - yes I am sending this out with only a few moments to leave for the long haul journey. Anyway, my cab to the airport screamed to a halt when I shouted to the driver to stop so that I could photograph the above for you all. I thought the colours and use of repetition in a spatial cell type presentation works incredibly well here at American Apparel on 181 8th Avenue. I must admit I am not a huge fan of this brand, in fact I buy nothing from them, however I must tell you that I do admire this initiative. According to their website this is what this scheme is all about......

In the fall of 2008, Proposition 8 passed in California, striking down the legalization of same-sex marriage. Since that time, several states across the country have voted to legalize same-sex marriage, or recognize those performed in other states. With many of our employees and customers identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered, we are a company that is vocal about our support for the protection and advancement of gay rights, and we hope that the rest of our fifty states take the necessary steps toward equal rights for all, and legalize same-sex marriage.

I never cut and paste from websites or use anyone else's visuals / images but I do think the above statement was too important not to include and for me not to stand up and say yes I support this initiative by American Apparel. I think you will agree a worthy cause and I take my hat off to this brand for doing this. Check out

I will be launching the latest 'Sale' windows tomorrow from London so in the mean time, swing by American Apparel and show your support and get a great pair of colourful underwear too...! (I did, but you will just have to guess which colour..!)

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