Thursday 7 January 2010

Babette Pinsky, New York

While flaneuring around Greene street earlier, I came across Babette. Now, as with a lot of these small brands I am not wholly familiar with her stuff. However, what actually made me stop here is the use of these incredible figures that look like something from the future that the popular media would have us believe will possibly look like. After doing some quick research, it transpires that Babette Pinsky, the main designer here is influenced by mid 20th Century modernist architecture, Industrial and Graphic Design and her use of pleated materials is legendary. I am always nervous when I see these types of figures used as they don't always work particularly well and don't suit every type of Fashion product, however here they really are superb and have been handled brilliantly. I don't come across these figures very often and absolutely had to record it and show them to you. However, if you are in SoHo, pop along to 137 Greene St. and take a look yourself.

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