Saturday 9 January 2010

Sale: Esprit, London

After an horrendously long flight from NYC across the pond back to the UK, I definitely needed to get out to stretch my now jelly legs and breathe in the London pollution. While slipping and sliding my way around the icy city and having travelled from one cold climate to another I now feel at home again. Anyway, my first destination on my regular flaneuring of the city had to be Regent st. as new stores are opening, its late at night and therefore quiet, all of the multiples are in Sale and I could get a quick visual fix. Esprit brought a smile to my face and tired eyes displaying Zentai-like suits in their windows. These are great fun and I couldn't help wondering what a wonderful brand this would be if they actually sold these, even just as a promotion. Male and Female mannequins have been dressed in these 'lycra' suits in their windows in a repetition layout in front of a large format graphic in the obligatory Sale 'Red' telling us its Sale time in multiple languages. Incredible fun, simply presented and telling the message. Great. In the mean time, the 'courteous' guy at immigration who confiscated my fabulous MarieBelle cocoa drinking Chocolate from my favourite Chocolatier in NYC because I didn't pack it in my luggage as the tins explode cocoa powder all over my clothes - I know where you live.

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