Thursday 3 December 2009

Prada, London

While flaneuring the city recently I happened upon these windows within the Bond St. site of Prada. Now, I did find myself questioning what was happening here? The simplicity of the scheme could be forgiven and I wasn't quite sure if something else was about to be unveiled behind these curtains. Unfortunately, time and the the appalling weather here in London have not enabled me to get back and have another look. However, what struck me here was that for such a premium brand I was quite stunned that they would use such a shabby looking material, whether this was temporary, or not. The material has not been ironed, in places it is rouched and the seams are very uneven. Maybe the concept has been unveiled since I took these images, but I would have thought that with the high cost of this product, surely one would use a beautiful and equally expensive material? Anyway, I guess stranger things happen.

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