Wednesday 2 December 2009

Asprey, London

While meandering along Bond St. here in London on my way to Dover st. market, the scheme at Asprey caught my eye. Well, OK the truth of it is actually, I got a glimpse of the tree below. I managed to just about capture it through the glass and as you are able to see it really is quite magical. I was therefore just a little disappointed with the trees in the store windows which, well, dull by comparison. Now, I will be careful here as Big Brother informs me that Asprey have been reading my previous thoughts, although I wouldn't say anything mean anyway. However, of course, the scheme is produced to their usual exceptional standards and I do love the silver birch (?) logs in the windows, (which Hermes did last year and Anthropologie are also doing) but the trees just don't do anything for me. I think I was spoiled by seeing the interior installation first, who knows? Ultimately, the workmanship is superb, the ideas are there and they are always a pleasure to view.

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