Tuesday 1 December 2009

Calvin Klein, London

Swinging by Regent St. the other day, (no pun or reference to the above image intended here) I came across this scheme from Calvin Klein. I seem to remember being rather bemused at the previous scheme (I think because of the very, very heterosexual overtones) and this really doesn't make things any clearer or defined. I am not sure where to go with this scheme as it is rather perhaps chaotic? For me at least it is reminiscent of my childhood and swinging on ropes around some place called 'scenic drive' and ultimately falling (I have the miserable photos to prove it too) Anyway, this scheme, at least to me is one of those buttock clenching 'gap fillers' produced when someone doesn't know where else to go. I am actually not sure if there is a creative team for this brand beyond the product? Anyway, this is a generic scheme and one can imagine the marketing office in their boardroom thinking, OK, well does anyone have any ideas what to do next. No. OK then lets just have a load of figures hanging from ropes. OK, that sounds good, lets do it. And here we have it. Perhaps another meddling marketing team non-concept? I will let you decide while I unfurl my toes. In the mean time, I am taking refuge and cleansing myself at Anthropologie just a few doors away seeing what delicious new ideas the team are working on.

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