Monday 30 November 2009

Alexander McQueen, London

I've been following the schemes at McQueens for a long time now, and over the past several months the schemes have become ever more exciting. With experimentation, of course comes the danger of things falling apart. This is the excitement and why we do this stuff. Anyway, while meandering around town a couple of weeks ago in my Flaneur capacity I happened upon this latest scheme (well latest a few weeks ago). Now, I think I have mentioned before that it is quite incredibly difficult to work within the confines of this space, however the creative team have recently developed some rather exciting schemes which I have been gradually including. Anyway, I did gasp a little in finding this scheme and the site of the Fall of a Silent Seller. I always feel for the teams who install these schemes as this is always one of the worst things that can happen and I did feel a tinge a guilt photographing it although this is reality and no one is exempt, in fact this has happened to me too. Anyway, I think the reason I did record it was because of the quite surreal visual that was left. A Mannequin had fallen almost out of site leaving just her Designer hat and Designer two fingers. Thankfully there was no awful white price sticker on the bottom of her shoes - naturally. There is message in here somewhere.

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