Sunday 27 December 2009

Nasty Pig, New York

Flitting (or maybe flirting) around Chelsea today and while flaneur-ing the city I happened upon Nasty Pig. Now, I knew of this brand from my own previous cursory research and I believe they began producing apparel with an inclination towards the fetish market (the clue is in the name of the brand). I hadn't realised that they had an actual store and therefore I was quite intrigued to find out a little more about the brand as the merchandise in the windows did not reflect my own preconceived assumptions. Anyway, I had the opportunity to chat to the very helpful Issac before one of the joint owners David Lauterstein arrived to pick up the most adorable little dogs that roamed the store barking at my every move. Apparently the brand has been in development over a period of 16 years with the store opening 8 years ago. The store itself is quite compact and naturally filled with merchandise to maximise footfall, although this is certainly not unshopable. I think I guessed the size of the store as around 5m x 8m. However what is so wonderful - beside the incredibly cutting edge merchandise - are the polished walls, fixtures and the fact that the guys produce their own graphics. I am not normally excited about these things but in conversation with the guys, David and his partner created the whole thing from scratch - I like these kind of people. The whole place is a fantastic example of entrepreneurship and while the brand itself still has room to grow I really am looking forward to following their journey. I will certainly be keeping an eye on them from across the pond when I get back to London before the new season arrives. In the meantime, come down to 265 West 19th Street and get yourself your own slice of Nasty Pig or check them out on-line.

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