Monday 28 December 2009

Fendi, New York

While recovering from my Christmas hangover in my hotel which seems determined to fry me in the overbearing heating, it was such a treat seeing the Fendi store 677 5th Avenue here in New York. The London store seems to pale by comparison when I saw this store, possibly because the ability to produce such large scheme's is so limited back home. Anyway, here we have immaculately sprayed figures in a Silver sheen finish set against a Bronze mirrored background with the Fendi logo used in a repetitive format. The combination of the Silver and Bronze works incredibly well although for some reason I feel is shouldn't. It seems that this scheme has really been thought through down to the use of the merchandise and that someone somewhere had an overall vision of how this was going to work. And it does. It works superbly well. Everything is as exactly as it should be. What a pleasure.

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