Tuesday 29 December 2009

Chambers A Hotel, New York

VYBXSNR7NBPF I rarely cover hotels as part of my blog although they always intrigue me. I sadly never have the luxury of staying in such places as my budgets are always so minimal, which of course is fine as I rarely spend any time in a hotel when I travel anyway. Although these places do interest me, namely luxury hotels and in particular boutique hotels. A few years ago I was on a mission to check out some of the latest ones such as Time, Night and Dream hotels which are so beautifully designed and worthy of recording. Sadly I can usually never get further than the foyer and so my archived images consist of mainly the front and the immediate inside. Anyway, I came across the Chambers Hotel as big brother informed me that they (or at least someone) had been visiting the blog quite frequently and it would have been rude not to visit them too? Right? Anyway, this is beautifully designed, the front of house team are extraordinarily friendly and when I let the wonderfully pleasant doorman know I that I was going to take a photograph of the front of the hotel - and therefore he would be in it - he kindly offered to close the main doors and stand inside. If ever there was an example of you get what you pay for, then this is it. I managed to take these few images which don't really do it justice, however you can look them up on line and see how beautiful this place really is. In the meantime, I'll be making my way back to my hotel room which is as long as I am tall with communal facilities - well, I guess, you get what you don't pay for too.

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