Wednesday 30 December 2009

Acne, New York

While strolling along Greene St. earlier I came across ACNE. My initial impression was that its not a particularly great name for a brand given its association with spotty teenagers (some words clearly dont translate very well) however from some Internet research I discovered it actually means Ambition to Create Novel Expressions. I took a look, so it did its job. I was also drawn inside because of the amazing glass wall they have within the store. Each piece of glass has apparently been hand blown and covers the space from floor to ceiling. Unfortunately 'they' were a little mean and wouldn't allow me to photograph the inside of the store so unfortunately these are the only images I have. Considering there are lots of Internet images of the inside available I felt they were a little precious, but there you go. I considered perhaps I would swing by later and take photos at night time which I would normally do but there are far too many other more interesting things to do and the moment was gone. You may just have to find your way down there and take a look. Anyway, the clothes are actually very beautifully made and the quality is superb. The whole look is perhaps a little sanitised for me however and just a little too perfect and manicured if you consider that the concept was meant to be based on an artists studio and brands such as Anthroplogie do that incredibly well already. Anyway, pop along and have a look even just to have a look at the handmade glass installation.

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