Thursday 31 December 2009

MarieBelle, New York

No visit to New York would ever be complete for me without visiting my absolute favourite Chocolatier (well actually its the only place I ever buy Chocolates) MarieBelle, 484 Broome St., New York. I always make a beeline here to top up on my Aztec and White Hot Chocolates. I love to handpick my favourite pieces of chocolate too which really are like little jewels and the flavours are incredible. Normally I am not a huge fan of Chocolate (I can hear you all groan at me here) however I must say, I devour these as if they are the last thing I will ever taste. My only problem is that they don't ship to Europe (according the sales assistant) and as security flying back home to London has become ever more, well secure, and bearing in mind that the tins explode in your luggage if you put them in the hold of the aeroplane, I am torn between Cocoa powder covering my out going luggage or risking my treasures being confiscated if I attempt to carry them on my flight. Maybe I will just stock up and scoff the lot in the last few days I have here in the city before I make my way back home to London. Anyway, do go and have a look at this store if only because I say so and stop off and have a fabulous hot Chocolate in the Cacao and Tea bar at the back - pure indulgence.

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