Saturday 26 December 2009

Elizabeth Arden, New York

I cant help but really like this concept at Elizabeth Arden on 5th Avenue. At night time while I flaneur the city in search of these elusive concepts which day light seems to kill, I happened upon this store. It was undoubtedly the glow of the pinkish red light that drew me across the main shopping avenue here in New York. I believe this is one of the Red Door spas? Now, I don't normally frequent these places as they tend to be so female dominated and certainly as it is Elizabeth Arden why would I venture past the facade anyway? However as it happens they do actually cater for a male clientele too. I too was quite surprised. I can, however, shave myself quite easily and do so within a matter of minutes so I have never quite understood why anyone would want to go somewhere to be shaved - possibly because I find the thought rather irritating. Anyway, beyond the terrible reviews that I found and I have to keep in mind that we don't always take the time to write good things but we all tend to complain quite quickly. The place itself does look great. Maybe I will drop by one day if I ever have the inclination to reshape my eyebrows or have warm stones on my back and neck. I probably wont, but the place does at least have a warm glow which is quite soothing when its so cold here.

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