Friday 25 December 2009

Jet Blue: The Flyers Collection, New York

On my way back to my very unlavish, every expense spared hotel accommodation I came across the Jet Blue store on 48 9th Avenue in the meatpacking district opposite the Apple Store which lifted my spirits in this New York cold weather. I am not wholly familiar with this brand of low cost airline, as, I guess they don't fly through Europe (not that I don't fly at low cost whenever possible) but I felt compelled to record this as the marketing is quite fantastic. The whole concept is based around the what does happen when you fly on cheap no frills airlines. Here we have their solution for the lack of space with their full body compression garment, designed to compress your body into a mass better suited to those tiny seats. One of my favourite's is the Extrago Sherpa Shirt in the image above which can hold an entire trips worth of necessities. The whole concept here is hilariously brilliant and I can honestly say their ideas are the best thing that I have seen so far in this wonderful city.

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